Shamrocks and (responsible) shenanigans for all!

    Holidays are occasions for fun and celebration as we celebrate family and friendships. A combination of good cheer and abundant alcohol can take the fun too far. With St. Patrick’s Day only a day away, let’s make sure our “social drinking” doesn’t go overboard.

    First off, most Fremont County adults make the choice not to binge drink, which is men having 5 or more drinks in 2 hours and women having 4 or more in the same span. In fact, 87% of Fremont County adults report not binge drinking in the past 30 days according to the Wyoming Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System.

    Even with most making the right choices, sometimes holidays can be tricky to navigate and get carried away in the fun. The scary thing about alcohol is we can go overboard without meaning to. To help you avoid the dangers and consequences of binge drinking this St. Patty’s Day, here are five common signs of alcohol abuse:

    • Using alcohol as an emotional crutch
    • Not realizing you went overboard until it’s too late
    • Not being able to stop once you start
    • Letting responsibilities slide
    • Being uncomfortable in alcohol-free situations

    There’s nothing wrong with having a drink at a celebration. Just be aware of how much you’re drinking. And unless jail is your pot of gold at the end of the night, make sure you have a safe ride home.

    We have something even better for you that won’t require a bar tab or leave you with a hangover the next day! Get together with a group of family, friends, or neighbors and find fun activities to do together. This time together can help everyone feel more connected and build memories that can last a lifetime. Plus, it’s a lot of fun without the negative side effects.

    “May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.” Irish Blessing

    For some great tips on safely hosting a party where alcohol is present, click here.



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