Several bats recently removed from downtown Riverton businesses

    Riverton City Council members mentioned at their last meeting, that Riverton Animal Control has worked on several bat removal cases recently.

    The removals included a few from their headquarters, Riverton City Hall.

    Calls for bat removals in the last couple weeks have also come from First Interstate Bank, the Cowboy Cafe,, and Ashgrove School.


    Riverton veterinarian, Amy Stockton from The Stock Doc, tells us that none of the bats have tested positive for rabies this year in Fremont County, but did mention that bats in the area have tested positive in previous years.

    Stockton said she didn’t think the number of bats this summer were particularly higher than other years, saying “this seems normal for summer time bat activity.”

    Residents with bat problems in their home or business are asked to contact Riverton Animal Control.


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