Seven more file for elective office on Monday

(Lander, Wyo.) – Here are Monday’s filings for school and college boards, special districts and statewide offices, according to the Fremont County Elections Office.

Monday filings are noted in bold:


FCSD#1 – Lander:

Mark Haskins, Lander

John F. Wood, Lander

FCSD#2 – Dubois:

Melissa Claar, Dubois

FCSD#14 – Ethete

Carlton Underwood, Fort Washakie

Elinor “Leta” Whiteman, Fort Washakie

FCSD#21 – Fort Washakie – (Unexpired Term)

Wayland K. Large, Fort Washakie

FCSD#25 – Riverton

Jody Ray, Riverton

FCSD#38 – Arapahoe:

John Martin Goggles, St. Stephens

Clarence Aragon, Sr – Fort Washakie

Leslie Monroe, Riverton

Central Wyoming College – Subdistrict 2

Steven R. Peck, Riverton

Craig Tolman, Riverton

Central Wyoming College – Subdistrict 4

Paula Hunker, Lander

Popo Agie Conservation District – Rural Supervisor – (Unexpired term)

Fred Tammany, Lander

Mountain View Cemetery District

Robert B. Davis, Riverton

Barbara A. White, Kinnear

Gerri Boesch, Riverton

Rose Stanbury, Riverton

Dubois Cemetery District

Margaret L. Wells, Dubois

Fremont County Fire Protection District

John W. Campbell, Riverton

Paul J. Downey, Shoshoni

Wyoming Governor

T-Rex Rammell, Rock Springs, Constitution Party

Lawrence Gerard Struempf, Laramie, Libertarian

Wyoming Secretary of State

Kit Carson III, Cheyenne, Libertarian

U.S. Representative

Daniel Clyde Cummings, Casper, Constitution Party