Serve. Innovate. Change a tire. Repeat.

    Have you picked up your copy of the 2018 10 Guide? This is County 10’s Guide to the best of everything local in a high quality, collection-worthy print publication. Awesome stories of ambitious locals and businesses with the guts to go bigger.

    Here’s an excerpt from one of those great stories:

    Serve. Innovate. Change a tire. Repeat.

    Mike Bailey, owner of Bailey Enterprises, loves to talk about history in Riverton. His grandparents first came to the community in the 1940’s to work in the ag industry. His parents, Ron and Jannet both graduated from Riverton High School in 1955.

    After a 5 years in the Air Force, Ron came back to Riverton and started pumping gas and working on cars, starting his own business in 1960.

    “For awhile he ran the old V1 station. That was where McDonald’s is now. Then he ran his own service station where the new Verizon store is on Main Street.” he recounted.

    That’s how lifelong residents of a town talk — in changes, and in history — moments that build on other moments that make a community what it is today. Mike has an appreciation for what Fremont County was and how far it has come. He’ll tell you that it’s the people that make the difference.

    “Dad was never out to get huge or anything. He just wanted to work hard and take care of people. He built his business on a reputation of taking good care of people,” Mike explained.

    In 1965, C.R. “Ron” Bailey, moved his service station business to the south side of Riverton at 811 South Federal Boulevard. That’s where Mike pumped his first gallon of full-service gasoline at 12 years old and today it’s still the center of the business.

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