Sept. 22 Dubois Town Council meeting agenda

    (Dubois, WY) – The Dubois Town Council will convene for a regular meeting on Wednesday, September 22nd, in the Town Hall Council Chambers on 712 Meckem Street.

    The meeting is open to the public, and will begin at 7:00 PM.

    Agenda highlights include discussions on how to fill the Municipal Court Judge position in light of Judge Denhardt’s recent retirement from the circuit court, as well as on the potential Meckem Street Drinking Water and Clean Water State Land & Investment Board (SLIB) Loan.


    The full agenda is below.

    1. APPROVE AGENDA – Consider approving agenda as presented.
    2. MINUTES – Consider approving minutes as presented: September 8, 2021


    1. Codification of Chapter 6 to Title 12 – Building Regulations – Date and time for a work session (Note: this is the final set of ordinances to be codified)
    1. Temporary Catering Permits – Consider approving Temporary Catering Permits: Rustic Pine Tavern – Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Ladies Night Out, 9/25/21 – 5:00PM to 10:00PM, Headwaters.
    2. Municipal Court Judge – Judge Denhardt has retired from circuit court. The Town of Dubois can decide if the new circuit court judge can serve as the municipal court judge or continue to use Judge Denhardt paying mileage only to come to court. Consider approving the cancellation of the agreement with the supreme court and authorizing Mayor Meyer to sign said notification and reconfirm the January 13, 2021 appointment of Judge Rob Denhardt as Dubois Municipal Court Judge.
    1. TAD Grant Reimbursement Request – Headwaters Community Arts and Conference Center – Wedding Advertising – As recommended by Destination Dubois, consider approving a grant reimbursement request from the Headwaters Community Arts and Conference Center for wedding advertising as approved during the July 12, 2021 council meeting in the amount of $3,024.00.
    2. 2022 Meckem Street Drinking Water and Clean Water State Land & Investment Board (SLIB) Loan – Town of Dubois was notified on September 13, 2021 that there are limited principal forgiveness funds available for the October 7, 2021 SLIB meeting. The Town could possibly receive 35% forgiveness ($557,832) for the DWSRF and 22 ($104,100) for the CWSRF. Included in the packet is the correspondence from the Community Loan Officer, Rebecca Webb detailing the options. After meeting with Town staff on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, Mayor Meyer determined to make a recommendation to the governing body to be considered for a 30- year loan at .75%.
    3. Airport Fly-In Event – Consider removing from the table. Subject is to follow up on discussions held during the regular meetings of August 25 and September 8, 2021. Mayor Meyer had reported he saw two different reports from the Airport Board. The official minutes from the August 17, 2021 board meeting states the request is for the 3rd annual fly-in event to be held on Saturday, August 13, 2022. The communication received from Airport Board president Harold Albright requests the second Saturday in August as an annual fly-in event. Mayor Meyer requested clarification from the Airport Board. Airport
      Board president Albright is to explain to the governing body how the Airport Board arrived at the annual date for the event.
    4. Holiday Cancellations of Council Meetings – Consider cancelling or rescheduling the following council meetings: 4th Wednesday November meeting – November 24, 2021 and 4th Wednesday December meeting – December 22, 2021.
    1. State of Wyoming F66 Report For review only – Treasurer’s Report F-66: State of Wyoming Annual City and Town Financial Report Form F-66(WY-2) e-mailed 9/08/21. In order to comply with a SLIB loan application, the State of Wyoming F66 Report was completed and submitted on September 8. Consider ratifying the submission of the report as prepared by Town of Dubois Treasurer for submission by September 10, 2021 deadline.
    2. Accounts Payable – Consider approving Accounts Payable list dated September 17, 2021.
    3. TAD Funds Payables – Consider approving TAD Funds Payables dated September 17, 2021.
    4. August 2021 Financial – Consider accepting the August 2021 Financial Report as presented and approving of non-FDIC collateralized cash investments.

      Executive Session if needed.


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