Senate President Bebout Endorses Fremont County Republican Delegation

November 6th is the time to re-affirm, and re-elect, the strong Republican leadership that Fremont County currently has in the Wyoming Legislature according to Senate President, Eli Bebout.

Jim Allen (House District 33), Cale Case (Senate District 25), Lloyd Larsen (House District 54), Dave Miller (House District 55), and Tim Salazar (House District 34) are all seeking re-election.

“I am proud to represent Fremont County with each and every person listed here.”
— Wyoming Senate President, Eli Bebout.

“It is through their hard work and steadfast dedication to the future of our county, and state, that we, the citizens of Fremont County, will continue to have a strong presence in our state capital. While each is well respected in Cheyenne, they are well known by the friends and neighbors they represent for making certain that the problems and concerns we all face here at home are transmitted loud and clear — giving us a voice where it matters,” explained Bebout.

“On November 6th I humbly ask that join me in voting for our Fremont County Republican delegation,” he added.

So that they can remain in touch with the day to day issues that face our county, the candidates will be spending time in their communities leading up to the election. They welcome any questions and comments from the public so that they may remain vigilant in bringing voter’s concerns to our capital.

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