Seeing strange lights in the Wyoming night sky? We looked into it

Photo: Mike Chingman

County 10 received many questions, tips, and frankly a few demands that we look into some strange lights in the Fremont County sky Friday night.

We did, and we’re sad to say, we don’t THINK it was aliens. At least, this time… 


The space exploration company SpaceX recently launched 60 Starlink satellites into orbit. Those 60 join about 300 others that the company SpaceX has floating around out there.

Recently strings of lights moving across the night sky have been reported across the western United States and Rocky Mountain region.

According to Idaho media outlet KTVB, those satellites are providing internet service and conducting other research for SpaceX. They may be visible again in our region, depending on weather, Saturday evening and early next week.

For a few more details about the satellites, click here.