See how far $1 will take you!

    RTO Point S announces the Nokian $1 Tire Mounting Promotion, giving you the opportunity to have your new tires installed for just $1 when you buy a set of four great gripping, long-lasting Nokian tires. This offer includes the entire Nokian line, so you will find just the right tire for the way you drive. Light truck, SUV, sedan or sports car, there is a Nokian tire ideally suited. Visit RTO Point S, select your tire, and relax knowing that you are ready for winter with your new Nokian tires.

    Can’t find what you need in the Nokian brand? RTO has added all branded winter tire lines (Nexen, Hankook, Laufenn, and Falken) to the current $1 install sale.

    The offer is good through November 6th and only from RTO Point S!


    RTO understands that you may not want to go out and that’s why they offer vehicle pick-up services. RTO Point S or RTO Hilltop Point S will come to pick up your vehicle and take it in for new tires or even a simple service job. If there is a possible problem, they will send you videos, pictures, etc. to help you decide what further action you want to take. Everything can be done without you even leaving your house! RTO promises to make it as seamless as possible.

    Tires for the way you drive; it’s RTO Point S at 613 South Federal and RTO Hilltop Point S at 912 West Main. Call 307-856-9744 or 307-856-1412 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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