Sea shanties, and spirituals: End of the Year Music Program at Trinity Lutheran School

    An end-of-the-year program was a regular feature of the final weeks of school at Trinity Lutheran School for over two decades and has returned after a hiatus of a couple of years. The program was held in the Trinity Lutheran Church basement, but has been conducted at St. Margaret’s Catholic School Gymnasium, and outdoors in prior years.

    Graduating 8th grade students announced the musical number {h/t Randy Tucker}

    Trinity Lutheran School offers music instruction as part of their Classical Education curriculum from the pre-school age 3 class to the eighth grade.

    7th and 8th Grade handbell group under the direction of Breanna Erdman {h/t Randy Tucker}

    Trinity elementary students sing in chapel, and as part of their regular instruction. As students advance they learn to play hand chimes, handbells and begin playing traditional instruments in fifth grade.

    5th and 6th grade students “hamboning” {h/t Randy Tucker}

    The Trinity Middle School band has instruction in woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

    Trinity MIddle School Band {h/t Randy Tucker}

    Trinity students regularly perform at community functions, at senior centers, assisted living centers, and local businesses.

    Trinity elementary students play hand chimes {h/t Randy Tucker}

    They play instrumental and choir Christmas music and most of them move on after eighth grade to local high school music programs.

    Pre-school 4 students performed actions as they sang {h/t Randy Tucker}

    The program had two performances to accommodate the audience in the small facility,


    A final performance on Wednesday at the Riverton Senior Center.

    Trinity 6th graders Aislynn Jones and Levi Gale manned the “Wellerman” for the final sea shanty song {h/t Randy Tucker}

    For the final song, “Wellerman” the entire Pre-3 to 8th grade student body performed.

    Sea shanty finale {h/t Randy Tucker}

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