SageWest Spotlight: Justine Desjardin, Ultrasound Technologist

Say hi to Justine! As an Ultrasound Technologist, Justine has been with the SageWest team for one year. She was originally in premedical studies but decided that becoming a physician wasn’t for her, however, she still wanted to stay in healthcare. In some situations, people coming to SageWest could be experiencing one of their worse days, and Justine gets to be part of a team that helps make them feel better.

Justine loves her busy days, and that’s a good thing! Patients who need imaging procedures come to the emergency room, as an inpatient from the medical/surgical unit or might be coming in for a quick outpatient procedure. “Ultrasound is non-invasive, so it gets used a lot. I enjoy being part of the imaging team where often we help patients at the start of their medical journey,” Justine explained. “Ultrasound allows me to always learn. Looking inside the body is pretty cool, and there’s so much to learn inside the body.”

Justine finds parts of her job both rewarding and challenging. She loves the interactions her job affords her to have with patients. Recently, Justine attained her American Registry Diagnostic Medical Sonography Ultrasound Certification (ARDMS) which was composed of two tests that both had to be passed.

As Justine’s future unfolds at SageWest, her plans don’t end with being an Ultrasound Tech: “I plan on potentially exploring other parts of the world. I do plan to pursue a vascular RVT – which is a Registered Vascular Technician. I only have one more test before I’m certified as an RVT.”

Your future is bright, Justine, and we are grateful you’re part of the SageWest team.

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