SageWest Health Care strongly encourages the community to get vaccinated for Flu Season

Fremont County, Wyo. (December 8, 2021) – To minimize the spread of influenza this fall and winter, SageWest Health Care is encouraging all employees, medical personnel and community members to get vaccinated with the flu vaccine as soon as possible. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends annual flu vaccination for everyone six months and older, with any age-appropriate flu vaccine. If you are considering a nasal spray flu vaccine, it is important to know that this option is approved by the CDC for use in non-pregnant individuals, ages two through 49 and that there is a precaution against this option for those with certain underlying medical conditions.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the potential for increased flu activity over the next several months make it vital that you get vaccinated against both the flu and COVID-19,” said Jennifer Burrell, Infection Preventionist at SageWest Health Care. “We know that getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent both of these diseases and help you stay healthy this fall and winter. With this in mind, I highly recommend that every person receive a flu vaccination – and a COVID-19 vaccination if you have not already done so. It is one of the smartest decisions you can make to prioritize your health. Additionally, getting vaccinated will help give you valuable peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to guard against these illnesses and protect yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in our community.”

The best ways to protect against the flu and COVID-19 are to:

  • Get vaccinated and encourage your friends and family to do the same, especially those at greater risk for serious flu-related complications (children younger than five, adults 65 and older, pregnant women and those with certain chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart and lung diseases and more).
  • Practice good health habits. Avoid close contact with others; stay home when you are sick; practice good hand hygiene; cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing; avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth; and wear a mask when in public places as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
  • If prescribed by a physician, take antiviral drugs to treat flu.

SageWest Health Care is committed to its mission of Making Communities Healthier by protecting our patients, our employees and our volunteers, and limiting the spread of the flu and other respiratory illnesses in our community.

For more information about the flu and effective prevention methods, visit

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