SageWest employee reflects on the positive shift she sees happening at SageWest

    “Why I Choose SageWest”
    By Jane Johnston, Float Pool Registered Nurse at SageWest Health Care

    I’ve been with SageWest for about 15 years, since April, 2004. In that time I’ve watched numerous administrators and staff come through, but with current staff and administrators, there seems to be a positive shift happening. Staff are more patient and experienced-focused and increasingly supportive to guests and employees.

    I am very pleased to see this evolution happening within all the departments that I work. The staff do a great job of meeting the patient’s needs while making them feel cared for, because well, they are!

    This is a wonderful change! All around, staff are supportive to other staff and especially guests. I truly believe that the current administration wants to make a positive change for the community and for the employees.

    I choose SageWest because…

    It is close to home. It is full of people trying to do the best they can.

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