Christina is an inspiration and a team player

    SageWest Employee of the Month award goes to Christina Nelson, PeriOperative Services Health Unit Coordinator.

    Christina goes above and beyond her everyday duty as Unit Coordinator for the PeriOperative Services department. She is always able to keep the big picture in mind. From answering the phone; to scheduling procedures to working on departmental projects, she is constantly focused on patient care and safety. She greets everyone with a smile and asks how she can help. There is never a task too small or too big for her.

    “Christina inspires me to be a better person,” said one of her peers. “She truly is a team player and makes SageWest a place where I want to work!”

    Christina creates wow by jumping out from her desk to go help a patient or family member that appears lost in the halls and she walks them to where they have to go. On many occasions, Christina has been seen interacting with patients and/or family in the hall making sure they know where they are going. You can’t walk by Christina without a friendly “hello” or “high-five!” She makes all feel welcome to SageWest.

    If Christina is on the job, we can rest easy that it will be done right. She never stops at ‘okay’ but always strives for better. Through all this Christina is humble and does not ask for anything in return. She is always there for support and words of encouragement.


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