SageWest continues to be overwhelmed with gratitude over Fremont County’s generosity

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Thank you for your tremendous donations to our dedicated team of caregivers at SageWest.

We appreciate our communities’ support and generosity.


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Mary and Mark Sanderson Pizza for staff
307 Bucking Grill BBQ lunch for staff
Mountain West Farm Bureau Insurance- Jake Huhnke & Cori Slingerland Breadboard lunch and appreciation cake
Huhnke Family Breadboard lunch
Dorothy Phelps Mask maker
Lander Valley Animal Hospital Lander Bake Shop treats and coffee and pet cone collars
WYDOT- Tamara Perkins N95 masks
Lander Senior Center Cupcakes
Paul Primrose Cupcakes and snacks
Healy Sportswear Cloth masks
Stanbury & Strike Bar 10- pizzas and salads
Wind River Community Church Huge variety of healthy snacks
Mary Haper Homemade masks
Brenda Hemberry Homemade masks
Kathryn Erschen Homemade masks
Dick Lefevre Masks
Diana Gunn Creative mask extenders
John and Amy Applegate Homemade bread
Megan Ober-Goss LuLaRoe leggings
Tom Lanute Pizza for staff
Grandma Ellie Urbigkit Encouraging note and homemade cookies
Cheryl Aguilar 7 homemade gowns
Dr. Gullickson and Dr. Cook Homemade masks
Mr. D’s Breakfast burritos
Joanna, Jared Kail and family Homemade masks
Mark and Judy, Bruce and Maria at Catholic College Donuts

Together, we will win our community fight against COVID-19!