SageWest awards $5,000 grant to Almost Home Wyoming

    SageWest Health Care awarded a grant of $5,000 to Almost Home Wyoming, a not-for-profit organization that provides safe and secure housing for individuals who are homeless and desire to work toward their own homes. The grant was issued through the ScionHealth Institute of Inclusion and Equity, an initiative of SageWest’s parent company, ScionHealth.

    “As a healthcare provider, we are cognizant of the various determinants of health, and homelessness is certainly a contributing factor,” said John Whiteside, CEO of SageWest. “We believe our contribution to Almost Home Wyoming is a powerful step to address homelessness and promote a healthier community, something very much aligned with what we do each day in our hospitals. We are excited to support the work of Almost Home Wyoming and thankful to our parent company, ScionHealth, for making this grant program possible.”

    “Thank you, SageWest!” said Deanna Trumble, Board Member of Almost Home Wyoming. “Almost Home Wyoming is run completely by volunteers, so this grant will go directly to place homeless clients into a home within our community.”

    Almost Home Wyoming is one of many not-for-profit organizations across the country receiving grants in the most recent round of funding from the ScionHealth Institute of Inclusion and Equity, an initiative that invests in a broad array of not-for-profit organizations leading grassroots, community efforts that can affect real change. These efforts include causes related to healthcare disparities, gaps in the education system, and social services within the cities where ScionHealth team members live and work.

    “The ScionHealth Institute of Inclusion and Equity is our nonprofit grant program designed as another means to support the communities where our team members live and serve,” said Scott Shepherd, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, at ScionHealth and a member of the company’s Inclusion and Equity Council, which oversees the Institute. “This grant through SageWest helps address a growing detriment to a community’s health – homelessness – and complements SageWest’s efforts to care for the health of Lander-area residents.”

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