SageWest adds Germ-Zapping Robots to assist in COVID-19 battle {VIDEO}

Fremont County, Wyo. (March 18, 2021) – SageWest Health Care added germ-zapping robots that use ultraviolet light to wipe out harmful microbes and germs. The new robots have been proven to deactivate the virus that causes COVID-19, on surfaces in two minutes. Disinfecting a hospital room and common areas throughout the hospital with the new robots will only take about 10 to 15 minutes.

“Our top priority is to provide the safest possible healing environment for our patients,” said Cody Barnhart, Chief Operating Officer of SageWest Health Care. “Thank you to the State of Wyoming Land and Investments Board and for the support of the Office of State Lands and Investments for awarding SageWest the CARES grant for these germ-zapping robots.”

SageWest has a comprehensive infection prevention program in place. The new robots are an additional step to enhance the safety of hospital patients and everyone who enters the facilities against the spread of illness.

SageWest Health Care follows the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding cleaning and disinfecting protocols for hospital facilities. SageWest has a comprehensive infection prevention program in place that includes hand hygiene, antibiotic stewardship, and education that is in accordance with industry standards and best practices.

Introducing Rosie and Sparky, our new SageWest germ-zapping robots. These new cleaning robots are an additional step as we are providing a clean and safe environment. Don’t delay your healthcare needs, count on SageWest.