Rustler cross country hosts first tri-meet of the season

CWC hosted it’s first tri-meet of the 2020-21 season over the weekend.  Competing against the Rustler squads were Colorado Mountain College and the College of Southern Idaho.

The weather could not have been better for the start of both races.  It started to warm up during the women’s race, but it was clear skies and no wind.  Coach Lara was very pleased with the turnout stating, “I was very impressed with how many fans came out to support us and the other teams.”


1College of Southern Idaho1520:46
2Central Wyoming College5024:15:00
 Colorado Mountain CollegeNS 
1Maura WilliamsCollege of Southern Idaho19:55:00
2Taya BrewerCollege of Southern Idaho20:17:00
3Amy WhiteCollege of Southern Idaho20:30:00
4Danielle BrowCollege of Southern Idaho21:13:00
5Callie MorganCollege of Southern Idaho21:58:00
6Analine GonzalesCollege of Southern Idaho22:00:00
7Madison PedrowCollege of Southern Idaho22:13:00
8Ciara ChaffeeCollege of Southern Idaho22:23:00
9Harley LarsaonCollege of Southern Idaho22:26:00
10Scarlett SisemoreCentral Wyoming College22:27:00
11Trysta StingleyCentral Wyoming College22:40:00
12Zoe ChristensenCollege of Southern Idaho22:51:00
13Kya JacksonColorado Mountain College23:04:00
14Madisen JohnsonColorado Mountain College23:41:00
15Twila EstradaCentral Wyoming College24:52:00
16Cynthia St. ClairCentral Wyoming College25:03:00
17Tanisha ClairCentral Wyoming College26:13:00
18Cami TrujilloColorado Mountain College26:54:00
19Anayeli AlmanzaColorado Mountain College27:09:00
1College Of Southern Idaho1527:32:12
2Colorado Mounatin College6129:41:12
3Central Wyoming College6430:12:36
1Riley ReidCollege of Southern Idaho27:12:00
2Jalen AndertonCollege of Southern Idaho27:22:00
3Griffen MayCollege of Southern Idaho27:24:00
4Eric ChristenCollege of Southern Idaho27:25:00
5Riley TaylorCollege of Southern Idaho27:33:00
6Jonathan FrewCollege of Southern Idaho27:40:00
7Drake DehaanCollege of Southern Idaho27:46:00
8Cade SmithCollege of Southern Idaho27:55:00
9Kenneth MerrellCollege of Southern Idaho28:13:00
10Jason MacalusoColorado Mountain College28:36:00
11Ethan RobbinsCollege of Southern Idaho29:14:00
12James CaldwellCentral Wyoming College29:17:00
13Jayden YatesCentral Wyoming College29:28:00
14Jack SetserColorado Mountain College29:35:00
15Kameron BroughCentral Wyoming College29:47:00
16Autry LomahongvaColorado Mountain College29:52:00
17Luke PlummerColorado Mountain College30:05:00
18Ali JuarezCollege of Southern Idaho30:10:00
19David FedaieCollege of Southern Idaho30:12:00
20Reese FledderjohnColorado Mountain College30:18:00
21Austin KeetchCollege of Southern Idaho30:19:00
22Jarom HerringCentral Wyoming College31:15:00
23Kenyion TownsendCentral Wyoming College31:16:00
24Skyler WinterColorado Mountain College31:20:00
25Adam GarciaColorado Mountain College32:32:00
26Dylan DunbarColorado Mountain College32:35:00
27Paul HansColorado Mountain College33:55:00
28Darien BarrazaCentral Wyoming College37:05:00

Up Next:  The Rustlers will have two weeks off before heading to Leadville, CO for the CMC Invite on Saturday, September 26th.


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