Round 2 results of Boysen Ice Races announced yesterday

(Shoshoni, WY) – Round 2 of the Wyoming Off-Road Racers Association (WORRA) Boysen Reservoir Ice Races took place Saturday, February 26th, on the Poison Creek side of Boysen Reservoir.

After taking a year off, the races are back in action after Round 1 kicked things off two weeks ago.

The complete Round 2 results are below, and more photos of the event can be viewed here.


Long Screw Bike
1. Brian Brower
2. Scott Winslow
3. Tony Lock

Short Screw Bike
1. Rick Brower
2. Leigh Lassle
3. Kevin Jones

Pee Wee A
1. Sterling Lock
2. Brook Jones

Pee Wee B
1. Brynn Jones


Electric Mini
1. Ridge Lock

Mini Quad
1. Kindrick

Women Quad Slick
1. Breanna Brower
2. Sam Gaudren
3. Marlene Brower


4wd Quad Slick
1. Wayne Gaudren
2. Kyler Graham
3. Korbin Miner

1. Ramsey Martinez
2. Charlie Lock

Women’s UTV
1. Stacy Gaudren
2. Sam gaudren
3. Corey Lynn


Quad Open
1. Brian Brower
2. Tyler Jammerman

2wd Quad Slick
1. Brady Brower
2. Wayne Gaudren
3. Korbin Miner

Slick UTV
1. Dillon Gaudren
2. Wayne Gaudren
3. Tyler Jammerman

Women’s Open Quad
1. Becky Brower
2. Carol Lee


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