“Roast and Toast” planned for one of Landers most famous native sons – Del McOmie

    The Lander community will gather on Friday evening, Aug. 3 to celebrate a lifetime of achievements for one of its most famous native sons, Mayor Del McOmie.

    Called a “Roast and Toast,” the event is being organized by LEADER Corporation and will include a dinner and a program. Leader co-president Bill Sniffin is Chairman of the event and said he looks forward to an event that recognizes “arguably one of the most outstanding citizens Lander has seen in the past half-century.”

    Among his many accomplishments, current Lander Mayor McOmie has:

    • Served 12 years as mayor in the 1980s
    • Served as State Representative from the Lander district for 14 years
    • Served as President of the Wyoming Employees Association
    • Been a longtime Wyoming Department of Transportation employee
    • Owned local businesses
    • Founded Fremont County Association of Governments
    • Founded the Wyoming Association of Municipalities

    The event will be hosted at the Lander Community Center. Dinner will be catered by Wyoming Catholic College and the team at Mr. D’s will tend a bar for the event.

    Tickets are $25 and are available at the Lander Chamber of Commerce.

    From the current FCAG Board and Administrator Gary Michaud to Mr. Delbert McOmie:

    “Mayor McOmie – you are an outstanding citizen of our county and public servant. It has been a pleasure to serve Fremont County with you. There is no possible way we can quantify all of the amazing accomplishments you have been a part of over your lifetime or sacrifices you and your family have made for our community. However, one thing is for sure – all the future generations of Landerites will enjoy the efforts of Mr. Delbert McOmie Sr. and that is priceless. Thank you sir.”

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