#RivertonBiz: Wearable Tesla key invented by Fremont County couple

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h/t Danette Lawson for the photos of a ring


Fremont County residents and electric car enthusiasts Danette and Patrick Lawson invented the very first wearable Tesla key. This wearable ring has given them international attention and a nonstop stream of orders for it.

The Tesla Model 3 does not have keys, Patrick shared. You unlock and drive the car using Bluetooth connectivity through your phone. What if your phone dies or you have to use valet parking? The vehicle includes an RFID keycard as an alternative.

There are “hackers” out there creating alternative to the standard Tesla keycard, Patrick noted. After learning about the different ideas out there, Patrick came up with the idea to turn the keycard into a ring.

In October, they made a video (shared below) walking you through Patrick’s idea of turning your keycard into a wearable ring. This video prompted the flood of orders Danette has been working nonstop to fulfill before Christmas. “I wasn’t expecting all of these orders all of a sudden.”

The process to make the ring only takes a few hours but is spread out over several days to make sure the resin sets properly, Danette shared. It started merely by removing the antenna and RFID chip from the standard plastic keycard and molding it into a ring with multiple resin layers. People began asking for colored rings, which has made the process a little more tedious since coloring weakens the resin.

Though Danette’s been busy making these rings, she shared, “I’m an artist at heart. It’s nice to be creating something.”

You can find more designs and information on their website by clicking here.

h/t Danette Lawson

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