Riverton winner named in Wyoming Make It With Wool contest

State winners were named during the 2020 Wyoming Make it With Wool competition, Sunday, December 6th, in Laramie. Due to COVID-19, there was no in-person modeling of garments.

Contestants submitted 39 entries from 12 districts across the state. The top two junior and senior entries are selected for the state contest, said Carol Macy, state contest director.

Judging was at the University of Wyoming’s Cliff and Martha Hansen Teaching Arena near Laramie.


First place in the senior division went to Alicia Downaire of Buffalo, followed by Jamie Wilkinson of Torrington and Stacy Berger of Saratoga.

Cassie Downaire of Buffalo received first in the junior division, followed by Emma Hill of Riverton, and Karlie McDonald of Laramie.

Freda Dixon of Laramie won the adult construction division; Alicia Downaire won the senior construction, and Emma Hill the junior construction.

Normally, contestants model their garments and then answer questions asked by judges.


“This year that process was done by a video supplied by each contestant,” said Macy. “It is a little challenging because the judges are not able to ask any questions.”

Forty percent of entry scores are on the overall construction of the garment, 10 percent marketability and presentation and 50 percent on overall appearance, she said. Garments must be 100 percent wool or wool blends containing a minimum of 60 percent wool or specialty wool fiber for each fashion fabric, fiber, or yarn. Specialty fibers include alpaca, angora, camel, cashmere, llama and mohair.

Adult, senior and junior winners advance to the national contest, said Macy, normally in person in conjunction with the American Sheep Industry National Contest.


“This year, winners will mail their garments with an information packet and a 90-second video of them modeling their creation,” said Macy.


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