Experience the Wednesday Market…so much more than just vendors

Summers are for Farmers' Markets. Here Elizabeth Foxworthy and her son offer some tasty vegetables and farm fresh eggs at the Riverton Farmers' Market.

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You can buy fresh local dairy products at the farmer’s market! Thanks to Wyoming’s Food Freedom Act, adopted by the State four years ago, it is legal to buy and sell raw milk at the farmer’s market. At the Riverton Wednesday Market, we always have three local dairys: Got Milk Goat Dairy, K3 Ranch Goat Dairy, and Gold Standard, producing cows milk. Come get amazing, fresh dairy products every week!

Shoshoni producers, John and Kathy, have fresh goat milk by the half gallon and also make a wide variety of soft, herb flavored chevres (fresh cheese), which is delicious on crackers or melted in your morning scrambled eggs!

K3 Ranch and Dairy near Pavillion also produces a wide variety of fresh goat cheeses, including a heavenly herbed feta in brine, lovely in fresh salads. Sara, owner of K3, makes a very nice line of cosmetic products using her goats milk, which includes gift-worth molded and fragranced soaps and rich hand creams in jars.

Be sure to check the local dairy booths for unique, savory and healthful products and chat with some of the nicest vendors at the market. They love to talk about their products and animals!

Its also fresh asparagus season! Brian and Kim, from Sun Harvest, have a good harvest this week of scrumptious asparagus, packed with vitamins and minerals, great for your family. Do a quick stir fry of diced asparagus, mushrooms and onions or snipped chives and toss in a couple eggs for a healthy, quick and delicious breakfast. Nibble on several big stalks of asparagus at noon, and grill or steam a handful to go with your supper entre. It’s good enough to eat three times a day!

Come check out the Wednesday Market at City Park! The splash pad is open and Gary’s Buritto Bus is parked nearby with a yummy supper awaiting your family. More market vendors every week (26 last week) so you can do your grocery shopping while the kids play in the park! 5-7 pm. Hope to see you there!