Sweet, juicy, and delicious…more fresh strawberries at the Riverton Wednesday Market

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If you missed the strawberries last week, Mel and Tony will have more! Sweet, juicy, and delicious, these dead-ripe berries are grown west of town on the Busch farm off Riverview. They are gently hand-picked, unlike commercially produced, mechanically harvested berries which must be picked barely ripe to allow for shipping. Make your grandma’s strawberry shortcake this week for your family – a treat they’ll love you for!

More fresh produce is ripening and available each week. Tender broccoli, crunchy cabbage, and juicy cucumbers are just a few of the fresh vegetables you can find at the Wednesday Market in the Riverton City Park every Wednesday, 5-7 PM.

Stop by to shop, listen to local musicians, see your friends and neighbors! The Park is hopping these days!