Riverton Splash Pad Project is ready for construction phase

A contract revision was unanimously approved by Riverton City Council members and Riverton Mayor John “Lars” Baker, that formally moved the Riverton Splash Pad Project from phase 1 to phase 2 of planning.

Phase 1 included the design, fundraising, and planning. Phase 2, includes the construction of the splash pad. Riverton Public Works Director Kyle Butterfield called it the “fun phase.”


Butterfield told council members Tuesday night that they had reached a deal with Sletton Construction to begin construction. Their guaranteed maximum cost for the project totaled $248,956.

The splash pad was described as a 680 square foot pad with a 570 square foot concrete apron. Butterfield described the features including emerald effects, 4 ground features, 2 water guns, 2 rain bars, and 3 arm buckets.

Kyle credited the Splash Pad Committee, including some who were in attendance at the meeting.

After the unanimous approval to begin phase 2, Mayor Baker exclaimed, “terrific!” Then he asked Splash Pad Committee members to stand, including Councilwoman Rebecca Shatza. “This is the wonderful thing about our community,” Baker said, “There are people willing to work, and dig into stuff, and make it happen. They get a vision and go for it.”

Butterfield said the construction timeline was still a work in progress but said he felt confidently most of the project could be completed “before winter hits.” He also pointed out that some of the grant money received for the projected needed to be used within the fiscal year.

For updates on the splash pad project, you can check their official Facebook page. 


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