Riverton River Walk continues to grow in popularity; Plan for updates in place

    In 2008, the Riverton Depot Foundation acquired a 135-acre property along the Big Wind River, on Riverton’s south edge.

    A paved walking path was developed which extends the “Rails to Trails” pathway from downtown to the area along the Wind River. Side paths extend in multiple directions, allowing pedestrians an opportunity to explore more area along the water.

    Members of the Depot Foundation presented details about the project and a list of scheduled updates to the Riverton Economic Development Community Association at their monthly meeting Wednesday.


    Future plans include planting more trees and bushes in open areas for aesthetics and for shade. An area with a small amphitheater along the River Walk is one of the ideal places for more trees, allowing those using the structure more cover.

    The Depot Foundation has teamed up with the Riverton Tree Board in an effort to help relocate and plant more trees in that area. In April, 25 trees were relocated along the River Walk. The foundation explained that those trees were in need of removal, and donated to the project. An additional 7 evergreen trees are scheduled to be relocated along the River Walk soon. The foundation expressed the desire for more trees and installing grass to certain areas.

    Other future plans potentially include a water-drip system to help vegetation, and the ability to have electricity, especially near the amphitheater area.

    Additionally, the group added that they’ll be working on a light fixture and security camera in a parking area. They noted that they have already had at least one instance in which a vehicle attempted to drive through a gate. The vehicle was unsuccessful but left damage.


    IDEA Inc. President Alan Moore told those in attendance at the Wednesday meeting,

    We’re named Riverton. We need to make available a place where everyone can enjoy, walk, and recreate near the river.

    Moore noted that a section of the walk was wheelchair accessible. He also mentioned that sections along the walk are great for fishing opportunities and bird watching.



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