Riverton resident had car stolen and crashed; Warns others to lock vehicles

    During the early morning hours of Saturday, August 4th, the Williams family had a 2003 Dodge Intrepid stolen from their driveway.

    CJ Williams explained to us that the keys were accidentally left inside of the vehicle overnight. He said locking vehicles is something he and his wife are usually “extremely vigilant” about. But, on the night they forgot, their car was taken.

    Williams recounted realizing the car was gone the next morning,


    The following morning my wife informed me that her car was missing so we filed a report immediately, and also posted on Facebook that it had been stolen. We had to go to work and didn’t hear anything until around 12:30 when we began getting news of a wreck out on 17 mile road that involved a car that looked like ours described on Facebook. My father in-law who is a deputy for the Sheriff’s Department was able to confirm that it was our car that was involved and that it was a drunk, 17-year-old kid who had drifted into the incoming lane and went head on with an elderly gentleman.

    Both people in the crash had non-life threatening injuries.

    CJ said their vehicle was a total loss,

    I feel the public needs to be aware that there’s kids out there checking vehicles at night and we had the unfortunate luck of being one of the victims. I appreciate your willingness to share our story so that others might be more vigilant and people will start watching their surroundings at night. As you can tell by the pictures it is a miracle anyone survived.


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