The 38th annual Riverton Rendezvous celebration continues into the weekend and will be highlighted by the hot air balloon rally Saturday and Sunday.

18 balloons are expected, weather permitting, to float over Riverton. A “media day” flight is also planned for Friday morning with a few of the balloons. Launch time is roughly 6:00 a.m. each day from the Central Wyoming College Launch Field.

Here is a quick look at the 18 balloons that you can expect to see:

“Starlite” Pilot: Peggy Watson-Meinke from Santa Paula, CA

“Cotton Candy” Pilot: Garry Lockyer from Oliver, BC, Canada

“Emily” Pilot: Dale Ritchie from Golden, BC, Canada

“Woody” Pilot: Jamie Kinghorn from Alberta, Canada

“Hare Raiser” Pilot: Ginger Delaney from Longmont, Colorado 

“Purple Haze” Pilot: John Phillips from Alberta, Canada

“Lighten Up” Pilot: Eric Bogdanowicz from Hayden, Idaho

“Touchstone Energy” Pilot: Mark Sullivan from Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Wooly Bugger” Pilot: Justin Elkins from Helena, Montana

“Glitter & Glow” Pilot: Russ Griffes from Orem, Utah

“Fancy-2” Pilot: Pam Fancy from Loveland, Colorado

“The Lovebirds” Pilot: Maria Chierruzi from Simi Valley, California

“Feelin’ Groovy” Pilot: Ginny Rieger from Sheridan, Wyoming

“Re-Max” Pilot: Ken Tadolini from Denver, Colorado

“Hare Ship” Pilot: Dan and Nancy Griffin from Fort Collins, Colorado

“No Worries” Pilot: Debbi and Don Waltman of Windsor, Colorado

Cloud Kisser II and Cloud Kisser III Pilots: Mike Shelley and Pat Newlin from Riverton, Wyoming