Riverton postpones Major Avenue improvement due to cost

The Riverton City Council has voted to postpone a road improvement project on Major Avenue between Park Avenue and Sunset Drive.

The Fix Our Roads Citizens Committee had prioritized the project for the 2022 construction season, but the only contractor to bid on the job was going to charge 50 percent more than the engineer’s estimate, public works director Kyle Butterfield said during a regular council meeting Tuesday.

“In light of that, staff recommends that this project not be awarded at this time and that we re-bid it next year,” Butterfield said.


Mayor Richard Gard agreed.

“I think your recommendation from staff, that that’s overpriced, is a great opportunity,” Gard said. “Fifty percent over would be one that we probably should stop and wait and see if we can either get a better price in the spring or try to do something better there.”

The Major Avenue Improvement Project currently includes an “asphalt overlay but specifically addresses significant asphalt cracking, full depth asphalt patching, settling utilities, and ADA improvements,” according to a staff memo in the council’s agenda for the meeting.

“Major Avenue … exhibits severe cracking,” Butterfield said. “Really it’s the dramatic cracking that is the problem on that roadway.”


Staff prepared several options for the council to consider that would allow some of the Major Avenue improvements to occur this year.


For example, the scope of work could be limited to a road overlay, or the concrete work could be done along with full depth repair asphalt patches, among other choices listed.

If any of those alternatives were selected, Butterfield said “we would probably want to bid this again, because we’re changing the scope so significantly.”

He added that “we still believe that this project should be bid in its entirety, but we (should) wait until next season and put it out again – potentially earlier in the season and have a little bit more competition.”

Councilmember Dean Peranteaux asked whether there was “any problem” with leaving Major Avenue “in its current state and not doing something new.”

“No,” Butterfield said. “While these problems are ones we want to address, they aren’t presenting a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the community.”

For more information call 856-2227 or visit the city’s website.

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