Riverton Medical District public meeting held this week [Video]

The Riverton Medical District organized a public meeting on Monday to discuss the future needs of health care in Riverton.

The group formerly called Save Our Riverton Hospitalmet at St. Margaret’s Gymnasium in front of a large crowd.


Riverton Medical District describes themselves as a “grassroots community group advocating for high quality and comprehensive health care services located in Riverton, including those offered by a local hospital.”

The group discussed growing Riverton’s medical system and contracting with a specialized resource for a “full feasibility study.”

Possiblythe most notable takeaway from the meeting, the group mentioned that they have received an 8-acre land donation from the REACH Foundation for the purpose of building a new hospital. The piece of land is on the southeast corner of Sunset and Major.

You can catch a live stream of the meeting below, and find eventbullet points on the group’s Facebook page.

County10.com will have more details about the land donation and group’s efforts in the coming days.

“Save Our Riverton Hospital” group also met in October