Riverton McDonald’s Breakfast Meet and Greet with City Officials and the RPD – A morning of laughter and community

    The Riverton McDonald’s recently hosted another engaging Breakfast Meet & Greet, this time bringing together Riverton City Officials and the Riverton Police Department (RPD) for a morning filled with lively discussions, laughter, and community spirit. This event underscored McDonald’s ongoing commitment to fostering strong community relationships.

    The event was attended by an impressive roster of community leaders, including Craig Postel, Supervisor of McDonald’s of Central Wyoming; Troy Gonzales, Director of Operations for McDonald’s of Central Wyoming; Shannon Rowles, Riverton McDonald’s Manager; Will Hill, County 10; Riverton Chief of Police, Eric Hurtado; Captain Wes Romero; several RPD officers; Cindy Harris, RPD Victim Assistance Coordinator; Luanne Luther, RPD Victim Assistance Specialist; Bart Ringer, RPD retired Sergeant; Shannon Sanderson, Animal Control Officer; Kyle Butterfield, City Administrator; and Riverton Mayor Tim Hancock.

    The morning’s conversation was as diverse as it was engaging. Topics ranged from the intriguing backstory of McDonald’s famous Monopoly game—highlighted by the McMillions documentary—to heartfelt discussions about the Casper rescue mission’s exceptional work. The group also touched on McDonald’s monthly breakfast provision to Eagles Hope and the ever-popular topic of the ice cream machine’s reliability.

    Kyle Butterfield, City Administrator, praised Shannon for running a top-notch Riverton store, echoing a sentiment shared by all in attendance. The Riverton McDonald’s is known for its highest sales and fastest service in the region. It has impressive statistics like going through 45 cases of fries in three days and selling up to 2,500 sandwiches in a single busy hour!

    Kyle inquired how the city could assist McDonald’s, prompting Shannon to jokingly request the filling of a pothole in the alley to save her truck from hard hits. Kyle assured her with a smile, “We will take care of it.”

    Reflecting on the store’s history, it was noted that the Riverton McDonald’s moved to its current location on Federal on August 8, 2012. This move has proven convenient for the Police Department, enabling quick responses whenever Shannon calls for assistance.

    Employment and hiring processes were also on the agenda. Craig Postel shared insights into the challenges and rewards of staffing, emphasizing their appreciation for their hardworking employees. The Riverton store currently employs 58 staff members and aims to increase that number to 65. McDonald’s encourages those interested to apply for a position now.

    Troy Gonzales shared his inspiring journey with McDonald’s, starting at 15, leaving for six years, and then returning to build a fulfilling career. Now 50, Troy’s passion for his job exemplifies the potential for long-term careers within the company.

    L to R: Kyle Butterfield, City Administrator; Riverton Mayor, Tim Hancock; and RPD Sgt Eric Smits

    In a humorous twist, the Mayor arrived late, joking about the reliable ice cream machine, which had been a topic of earlier discussion. This led to Troy’s proud explanation that McDonald’s of Central Wyoming rarely has issues with their machines due to superior maintenance, done by his own son. The room echoed with laughter, and the consensus was clear—Riverton McDonald’s has the best ice cream and Coke in town.

    The event concluded with a heartfelt thank you from Kyle Butterfield to McDonald’s for their community support. Craig and Troy attributed the store’s success to Shannon’s exceptional hospitality, emphasizing that great customer experiences start with a warm welcome.

    Before wrapping up, plans were set in motion for a future Meet and Greet at the Riverton McDonald’s, where police officers will interact with the community in a friendly, informal setting similar to Teacher’s Night. Keep an eye out for more details on this upcoming event, and get ready to meet your local heroes over a delicious McDonald’s meal.

    L to R: Shannon Rowles, Riverton McDonald’s Manager; Troy Gonzales, Director of Operations, McDonalds of Central Wyoming; Craig Postel, Supervisor, McDonald’s of Central Wyoming; Riverton Chief of Police, Eric Hurtado

    For those looking to join the vibrant Riverton McDonald’s team, apply now and be part of a place that values hospitality and community engagement!

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