Riverton man’s mission to spread community positivity is getting noticed [PODCAST]

    Brett Watson had, had enough of the negative comments about Riverton.

    He heard them in person, he got questions about the place he lived, and mainly he saw them online… apparently on some social media page we’re pretty familiar with.

    Watson told a story on the County 10 Podcast this week about a family who chose to relocate to Riverton instead of Rock Springs. He explained that other members of the family were, “scared to death for them” after some of the things they had heard about Riverton. “Is it really that bad here?” Watson asked.


    Brett started the Facebook page, Riverton; Above and Beyond What You’ve Heard to try to clarify a few things about the Rendezvous City. His goal with the page was to tell stories about local businesses, local people, and the positive things happening in town. Over 2,600 followers later, he accomplished his mission of spreading local positivity.

    Watson is the President of the Riverton Junior Football League, he’s active in many community happenings. He chats all about Riverton on the County 10 Podcast!






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