Riverton man facing up to 21 years in prison after 5th DUI arrest

    On November 26th, just after 2:00 p.m. the Riverton Police Department received a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) tip about an intoxicated man driving a pickup truck.

    The caller stated that 40-year-old Jason Bell had just left Rocky Mountain Discount Liquor and was heavily intoxicated.

    RPD officers noticed the vehicle described shortly after the REDDI report on North Federal Boulevard, when the vehicle attempted to accelerate rapidly on ice, causing the truck’s tires to spin in the N. Federal and Park Blvd. intersection.


    Officers followed the truck for several blocks, and after it made a U-turn, initiated a traffic stop.

    Court documents show that Bell had a “strong odor of alcohol” and was, “lethargic in his actions. His speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.”

    Bell initially cooperated with a Standardized Field Sobriety Test. Documents show that Bell was unable to count in numerical order, then refused to recite the alphabet and perform a “walk and turn” and a “one leg stand.”

    He instead turned and faced the tailgate of his pickup truck, put his hands behind his back and stated to RPD, “Let’s just go, I’ve been drinking, take me to Lander.”


    Bell was placed under arrest. Before being transported to jail, his blood was tested at the Riverton hospital.

    A review of his history indicates that this is his 5th DUI arrest and his 4th within a 10-year period. Having 3 or more DUI arrests in under 10 years constitutes a felony DUI charge.

    Bell is charged with two counts of “Felony Driving or Having Control of a Vehicle While Under Influence,” both of which have an option for an “Enhanced Penalty.” He also faces one count of “Possession Of A Controlled Substance,” “Driving Without Interlock Device,” and a “License Required” penalty.


    If found guilty on all charges, he faces up to 21.5 years in prison and fines up to $21,700.

    On December 6th Bell waived his preliminary hearing, transferring the matter to District Court, Ninth Judicial District for further proceedings.

    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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