Riverton man being accused of one count of child abuse

On Wednesday, May 8th the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department responded to a Riverton school in reference to a child abuse complaint.

School staff told Sheriff’s that a female student had sustained, “large swollen bruises on both of her legs.”


Court documents show that the girl told school officials the bruises were from, “falling down the stairs.” School staff told Sheriff’s they did not believe the student was telling the truth.

When questioned by Sheriff’s Deputies, the girl told authorities that she was spanked with a belt multiple times by 45-year-old Christian Klinker.

Court documents show the girl said that Klinker had consumed alcohol prior to spanking her with a belt and that he indicated the girl would receive 34 more spankings. She explained that she sat on her bed and tried to cover up with a blanket, but that Klinker, “jerked the blanket away and continued to hit her with the leather belt.” The girl told Sheriff’s she, “cried for him to stop, but that (Klinker) would not stop hitting,” stating that he added two spankings for every time the girl hollered.

Deputies noted in documents the girl sustained two large blue bruises across her left upper thigh approximately 3-inches long. They observed a reddish, purple, and blue bruise on the left thigh that was approximately 9 inches long, and another reddish, purple, blue colored bruise on the left calf approximately 4-inches long.

Klinker is charged with one count of child abuse. The felony is punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment.

On May 16th, Klinker waived his preliminary hearing. The matter will be transferred to District Court for further proceedings and arraignment at a later date.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.