Riverton Local Food Hub can now grade, inspect local eggs

Last week, the Riverton Local Food Hub had one of their top goals come to fruition; an egg grading and inspecting station. You might be wondering why this important because local eggs can be purchased at farmer’s markets as well as many grocery stores. Well, having this station means fresh eggs from local producers can now be used in restaurants.

Before our local station was approved, any egg that you ate at a restaurant in Wyoming came from another state because Wyoming did not have active inspection stations, explained Riverton Local Food Hub Director Jack Schmidt. “A restaurant cannot use local eggs unless inspected and graded.”

This has been in the works for over five months. Starting today, June 1st, the commercial kitchen at the Airport Cafe along with 4 local certified egg inspectors are ready to procure eggs from local producers, grade and inspect them, and sell to local restaurants.


The Riverton Local Food Hub is facilitating this process through its Facebook page, The Egg People. You can click here to learn more.


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