Riverton Junior Football League facilities to get an upgrade

The Riverton Junior Football League complex on Major Avenue is getting a facelift this off-season.

The longtime concession/press box area is currently in the demolition process, making way for an updated structure. Upgrades will improve both the men’s and women’s restrooms as well.


RJFL President Brett Watson said while he’s very excited for the upgrades, it’s a little “bittersweet” seeing a piece of history come down.

Watson explained that the facility was a major part of history for another sport for several years, as Riverton youth baseball used the complex in the 1970’s and 80’s. Watson told us he hopes to learn more about the baseball history, but believed the Riverton Little League Majors won 5 state titles during their time at the complex, before moving to the Saban Complex in the mid-1980’s, where they still play today.

The Major Avenue facility was vacant from the mid-1980’s to 1995. In ’95, the Riverton Junior Football League began using the space.

Watson said they originally called it the “Field of Dreams” as a reference to both the baseball team’s success there, and the fact that it was their dream to have a youth football complex in Riverton.

Demolition of the structure this week included removal of the roof and a wall. The remaining part of the structure should be removed and remodeled in the next few weeks. Watson said he hopes the entire project is completed by the end of 2018. He noted some of the bathroom work, including tiling and expansion, will be completed in spring 2019.

You can follow along with the project and all things RJFL, via their Facebook page.


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