Riverton High School offering Arapaho language courses

County 10 Photo - Riverton High School

Beginning fall 2019, Arapaho language courses will be offered at Riverton High School. The courses will be taught by Lorraine Goggles, a paraprofessional at Riverton High School.

Principal John Griffith noted he has always wanted to offer Arapaho language classes since he began working at Riverton High School nine years ago. Griffith states, “We live in a diverse place and that’s something to celebrate.” After learning Goggles is proficient in Arapaho, they began discussing the possibility of her teaching the language classes this past winter for the 2019-2020 school year. Griffith mentioned the difficulty of finding a part-time teacher with a flexible schedule to teach the classes. Goggles will be able to teach the language classes and continue working as a paraprofessional.


The new language course offerings were approved by the school board a few weeks ago. Arapaho I will be offered in the fall and Arapaho II will be offered in the spring. Griffith is expecting approximately 7-8 students to enroll in the classes this first year. They are planning to have elders and other members of the community who speak Arapaho come to the classes and teach students about their culture as well.

Depending on the amount of interest and Title VI funds to support the classes, they may create upper-level Arapaho language courses in the coming years.

Additional information provided by John Griffith:

RHS will offer Arapaho Language I and II next year during 1st and 2nd period. If you are interested, email your counselor.
Ms. Reddon – [email protected]
Ms. Sims – [email protected]
Mr. Motisi – [email protected]
Mr. Flanagan – [email protected]
Have a great summer Wolverines!