Riverton High School clarifies rumors about American flag clothing

    According to staff, Riverton High School has received a few calls and questions this summer regarding the school’s policy on clothing that includes the American flag.

    A rumor apparently was circulating that the school had banned any clothing with a flag image on it.

    That, according to RHS’ Facbook page, is not true.

    Riverton High School Facebook page

    What is in the school’s dress code, however, is the following:

    Administration determines appropriateness of attire.  Virtually all places of employment have some form of dress code, whether for professional or safety reasons.  Studies show that schools that employ dress codes see an increase in learning and achievement as well as a decrease in discipline referrals. The general appearance of students should be of such a nature as not to attract undue attention or interfere with the instructional program. We expect students to use the following guidelines when choosing attire for all school and school related activities:

      • Shirts must be longer than the waistband of the pants, shorts or skirts.
      • No part of the midsection can be exposed.
      • Exposure of cleavage is prohibited.
      • All shirts and dresses must have straps that are at least 2 inches in width.  Spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter-tops, and backless shirts are not appropriate school attire.
      • Skirts and shorts must be long enough to reach the tips of the fingers when your arms are held down by the side of the legs. All undergarments must be covered at all times.
      • All clothing, jewelry, and personal possessions must be free from violent and sexual statements or designs, double messages, and references to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
      • Shoes must be worn at all times per building policy as well as Wyoming State Department of Health requirements.
      • Hats, caps, hoodies, and sunglasses can be worn outside of the building only.   
      • Students are not allowed to bring, wear or have any chains, spiked jewelry, or brass knuckle belt buckles on school premises.
      • No sagging, pants must be worn on the hips.


    • Nude silhouettes or any other item depicting or degrading either gender will not be accepted, i.e. Skin Logo and/or the Playboy bunny are examples.


    • ICP and Psycho Pathic Industries, any logo promoting gang related or behavior or violence, gang related head wear including bandanas are not allowed.
    • Pajama clothing, including pajama pants, pajama shorts, and slippers are not school appropriate attire.
    • Revealing clothing or clothing that is disruptive, distractive or costume-like including face paint.

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