Riverton gas station requesting liquor license transfer

    8:05 p.m. Tuesday Update: Riverton City Council and Mayor Baker unanimously vote to deny the liquor license transfer request.

    The Riverton City Council will meet Tuesday, December 4th at Riverton City Hall. One of the agenda items is a liquor license transfer requested by Maverick Inc.

    In April 2018, the Maverick Gas Station location on Federal Boulevard was closed. In October the building was demolished.

    The closure left one Maverick store open in Riverton, on West Main Street. The convenience store on Federal held a liquor license, while the store on West Main does not.


    Maverick Inc. has requested that the Riverton City Council considers their request to transfer the license to the West Main store, at least temporarily.

    Documents from the City of Riverton indicate that Maverick, “does plan to rebuild in another location, which would eventually be the final location for the liquor license.”

    However, In the meantime, Maverick is requesting that the license is transferred to their West Main location, in an attempt to keep the license active.

    A diagram presented to the City of Riverton shows a 12″W x 6″ D x 7″ H freestanding floor rack, which will keep the alcohol contained behind the counter. Only Maverick employees will be allowed to access the area.


    The application process has been completed by the Wyoming Liquor Division and all proper fees have been paid.

    The Riverton City Council meeting is set for 7:00 p.m.



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