Riverton educator and author draws inspiration from Fremont County

    Carolyn Lampman might be better known as Mrs. Brubaker to many in Fremont County.

    She spent 24 years as an educator at Jackson Elementary School, went to Ashgrove Elementary School for one year, and then on to Rendezvous School for 10 more years.

    She influenced hundreds of students to explore the English language, and to write countless creative pieces.


    Lampman is also a published author who describes her style as “historical fiction with a very strong romance plot.”

    “I actually kind of fell into it,” she described on the latest episode of the Riverton Local Ladies Podcast. “I started my first book in the summer of 1987. It was a very tremulous year for me, there was a lot of stuff going on, we had moved my husband lost his job, just a lot of stuff happening. I sat down one day and I just started writing to relive the stress, and at the end of 2 months I had my first book, about 600 pages.”

    And while she says she didn’t keep that book, it inspired her to keep going and to write more books. Carolyn says it was her third book that she started to sell pretty well, in fact she sold it to HarperCollins publishing in 1992.

    Lampman, or Mrs. Brubaker if you prefer, still is inspiring younger writers by offering classes and passing on words of wisdom to aspiring authors.


    She was the latest guest on the third episode of the Riverton Local Ladies Podcast, which is part of County 10’s 10Cast Network.

    You can find the entire conversation by CLICKING HERE!

    This week’s Riverton Local Ladies Podcast was made possible by Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery. 


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