Riverton dental office planning 2019 relocation and giving away a trip to Disneyland

    “Where technology meets community, that’s where we want to be,” said Rendezvous Dental D.M.D. Colton Crane. “We want people to leave with a genuine smile, not just because they have nice teeth.”

    Rendezvous Dental is in the beginning stages of relocating its Riverton-based business, but they won’t be going far. Currently, their offices are at 312 North 8th West.  Crane announced that they have plans to build a new facility near the intersection of Sunset Dr. and North 8th West, about half a mile away from their current building.

    The building will allow for much more space, upgraded facilities and equipment, and a more detectable location.


    Crane said that they are hoping to begin construction in spring 2019. He explained, “there’s a lot of paperwork that goes into a new facility, we’re waiting to hear back from a couple different folks before we can get started.”

    The team features D.M.D. Dr. Crane, D.D.S. Dale Sackett, and 8 other staff members. They all have ambitious plans for the new building. Crane provided a photo example of what the building may look like. He also explained that the waiting area will feel, “more like a coffee shop than a waiting room.” He said the team is looking at many modern designs and ideas to help patrons feel more comfortable in the building. Water features, modern decor, and even hiring a massage therapist are part of the plan.

    Hiring at least one more position is also very likely with the new, expanded space.

    Sound Community Bank in Washington is an example of what the new Rendezvous Dental facility may look like.



    Aside from a new building, Rendezvous Dental has been busy implementing a variety of new technology. “Teledentistry” is one such feature, that patients can now turn to when necessary. Teledentistry allows patients to communicate via phone and internet with a dentist. “Obviously we can’t fix a tooth over a phone call,” Crane said. “But, we can have the patient send us photos, assess them, and let them know if their problem is urgent or not.” He explained that teledentistry is especially beneficial for patients who may require prescriptions on weekends, or in situations where they cannot visit the dentist in a timely manner. For more information on teledentistry, click here.

    Additionally, the office will receive a 3D X-Ray machine, which is a massive upgrade to the traditional x-ray machine. And, Rendezvous Dental is working to upgrade their website, allowing patients to set up appointments online in the near future, as well as make payments and fill out paperwork before and after visits, cutting down on wait time.

    Embracing technology is what Dr. Crane and his staff thrive on at the office. However, during Crane’s time at home, he’s been participating in a more traditional activity. In a screen-filled world, Crane and his son Joseph have become puzzle-enthusiasts. And, not just any run-of-the-mill puzzles, they recently completed the largest commercially sold puzzles in the world. Ten of them, to be exact. 42,320 pieces that measure 22 1/2 feet x 6 1/2 feet.


    The puzzles will be framed and placed inside the new office. Each of them are Disney-movie inspired. Crane knew that his patients, especially children, would love the Disney puzzles. That inspired an idea, “why not give someone a trip to Disneyland?” he asked. “Each puzzle has a set of small mouse ears on them, if people can find them, we’ll sign them up for a chance to go to Disneyland.”

    There’s not an official timetable on a giveaway at the moment, just one of many enthusiastic ideas from the Rendezvous staff. Every year Rendezvous gives someone a free “Smile Makeover.” And, near holiday-season, they open for “Christmas Care Day.” A full day of dental work, free of charge to anyone. Crane also announced he’s working with a local Boy’s and Girl’s Club to help Fremont County children in need of assistance and is always looking for ways to donate back to the community.



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