Riverton City Council says farewell

    While it was a bittersweet ending to the Riverton city council meeting, as 2 beloved council members, Tim Hancock and Rebecca Schatza say their final goodbyes while on the panel.

    City Administrator Tony Tolstedt gave a very heartfelt send-off, thanking and congratulating the members for their exceptional service over the years.

    Mayor Gard along with the other members gave tremendous recognition to their wonderful accomplishments as city council members, these 2 members occupied under such poise and grace to enhance the City of Riverton for both residents and visitors alike and we thank them for their service.


    Fellow council member Kyle Larson of the Riverton Ward 1 committee summed it up best.

    “We will miss Tim’s brightness for new ideas and Rebecca’s energetic, upbeat, and positive attitude in future 2021 meetings.”


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