Riverton City Council allows annual “beautification fund” to help splash pad project

    At the Tuesday, September 3rd Riverton City Council meeting, council members voted to allow this year’s “beautification fund” from Wyoming Community Gas to go toward the splash pad project.

    City Finance Director Mia Harris explained to council members, “each year the city receives some money from the Wyoming Community Gas Foundation to be used to benefit a project within the community.”

    Over the last year, the fund generated $10,888. Harris explained the amount is based on how many community members are involved with Wyoming Community Gas.


    She noted that a group had approached a council meeting in June, saying they’d like the funds to be considered for a possible mural to be painted at Riverton’s Veterans Park. After the group came up with an estimate for the project, the quote was roughly $20,000. At this time, that group has decided to postpone the project and work on other aspects of the park. Harris said that a representative from that project said they’d like to see the money go elsewhere this year.

    The Riverton Splash Pad Committee recently announced a budget shortfall of roughly $24,000. As of September 3rd, the group said they’d collected over $12,000 through community members and business donations for the shortfall.

    After a brief discussion, the three city council members who were in attendance for the “pre-meeting budget session” voted unanimously that the $10,888 Wyoming Community Gas beautification fund would go to the splash pad project.

    Harris reminded those in attendance that the fund is something the city will receive yearly, so in future years the funds could go to a potential mural, or other community projects.





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