Riverton alley-traffic has significantly increased due to Federal construction

    Over the last few weeks, Riverton motorists have likely seen an increase in traffic in the North 9th Street alley, from Sunset Drive to Pershing Drive.

    The increase in traffic is primarily because of the North Federal construction project. North Federal is still open to traffic, but restricts some of the mobility motorists have to get into places like Walgreens, McDonald’s, Rocky Mountain Discount Sports, or Ace Hardware.

    Late last week, the Riverton Police Department responded to a 2-vehicle accident in the alley. There were no injuries in the crash and both vehicles had minimal damage.


    County 10 has also received a few messages regarding the increase in traffic, one citing a verbal argument between two motorists “in each other’s way” and another saying that traffic is “backing up onto Sunset because cars can’t turn into the alley.”

    Wyoming Department of Transportation spokesman Cody Beers reminded motorists that the construction project is temporary, “Drive slow, relax, and be courteous.” Beers thanked Riverton drivers for their patience during the construction project.

    Here are a few additional tips for navigating the alley:

    • Be courteous to oncoming traffic, stay as far to the right side of the alley as possible when traffic is approaching
    • Slow down, remember accident-likelihood decreases as speed decreases
    • Watch for pedestrians, even with the increased traffic, this is a commonly used area for people on foot or bike
    • Find an alternate route, if the alley is busy, take North Federal or Forrest/North 12th Street

    For more information about the North Federal construction project, click here. 


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