Recalling the time Cheyenne’s mayor was asked, ‘is Wyoming real?’

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(Cheyenne, WY) – We probably don’t need to tell you that the internet is full of weird stuff, and some pretty unique conspiracies.

Our personal favorite over the last few years has been the conspiracy that our state doesn’t exist at all. There’s a Reddit group called “Wyoming Doesn’t Exist” that includes over 25,000 members. If you search that phrase on Twitter, or Google, the results are frankly pretty hilarious.


Whether it’s for satirical fun, or actually something people believe is up to your imagination and probably a little bit of both.

But, perhaps the most strange example of this conspiracy came when former Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr received a note, asking for proof that Wyoming is real.

The 2018 note read;

Dear Wyoming,

I am writing this letter to see if you are a real state. Many people in the world, including me, think [you’re] a fake state.

Writing this letter will provide if you are real or not. If I do not get a letter from you then I will have just proven my point that [you’re] fake.

In closing if you write back then I know [you’re] fake because only fakers write back.

Mayor Orr tweeted the photo with the caption, “The letter I received in my office today is a first – and best so far. Is Wyoming a real state? Do I not reply to prove that we are real? Happy Friday, friends. Return address is from FL but signed, Ohio Man. #TGIF