Re-elect Ember Oakley for Riverton’s House District 55

    Riverton community members are feeling the pinch of rising taxes, inflation and government over-regulation more than ever before. Riverton and the State of Wyoming deserve a Representative that will fight to keep government out of the way, and people’s hard-earned money in their own pockets, instead of government coffers. In my first term as your Representative, I did just that. If re-elected to House District 55, I will continue this fight. 

    During this last Legislative Session, I worked closely with my legislative colleagues to cut the government fluff and we passed the smallest state budget in the last decade. Not only does this keep taxes at bay, but it limits the size and growth of government. 

    “I believe the role of government should be focused on providing essential services and should stay out of the way so individuals and private industry can thrive,” remarked Oakley. “This is a cornerstone of Republican values, and values I uphold in my work as your Representative.”

    But spiraling private property taxes show there is still work to be done to minimize taxation for us and our neighbors. I recognize this and am already hard at work visiting with legislative colleagues about potential fixes. 

    “The property tax issue is an area that the Wyoming Legislature can help craft some tax relief, but it won’t be an easy fix. For example, there may be some constitutional issues that need to be addressed. However, I know that this something that we can do and must do. I’m committed to finding a solution.”

    Cutting spending and keeping taxes to a minimum is part of a three-legged stool. The other leg is pushing back against government over-regulation at all levels. I have supported pro-business legislation and will continue to do so. I understand that regulation can stifle productivity and limit growth. We need a thriving economy, and that starts by getting rid of the red tape. 

    On November 8th, I ask for you vote – as a proven, conservative Representative. I not only will cut spending where necessary, work to keep government small and push back on government regulation, I have a voting record to show that I have. 

    Please vote to re-elect Representative Ember Oakley on November 8.

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