Rams Beat the Tigers in the Grand Encampment

A week ago the Dubois Rams lost a close contest with the top-ranked Little Snake River Rattlers. In the process they lost their ranking as the second best team in Class 1-9, 6-man football.

Jonah Oard stiff armed an Encampment defender. {h/t Adria Trembly

This week they took to the road against the team that replaced them in the second spot behind the Rattlers, the Encampment Tigers.

A season ago the season came to an end for the Rams in a semi-final matchup with Encampment. This time it was different.

Kaden Chamley broke open on a pass route {h/t Adria Trembly

The Rams ran over the Tigers on the legs of junior running back Wyatt Trembly who gained 354 yards on 30 carries and in the process scoring four touchdowns.

Kaleb Gleim stacked up an Encampment running back {h/t Adria Trembly

The Rams ran over the Tigers behind great lead blocking for Trembly by Clayton Rux, Jonah Oard and Ryan Wells, then threw over them as well in a 70-44 win.

Dubois scored four touchdowns through the air in a balanced offensive scheme with Clayton Rux snagging a pair and Ryan Wells two.

Jonah Oard and Ryan Wells led Wyatt Trembly on a sweep {h/t Adria Trembly

Wells threw for a pair of scores with Rux and Trembly each throwing for scores as well.


Dubois led 14-6 lead after the opening period and added 20 more points in the second to take a 34-14 lead at the half.

NIck Navas added a conversion kick for the Rams {h/t Adria Trembly

A fast moving thunderstorm stalled the third period with lightning causing a 30-minute delay in the action.

Rainbows dotted the dark eastern sky, as the game resumed with the Rams firmly in control.

Jonah Oard looked for a block as Wyatt Trembly took a handoff from Ryan Wells {h/t Adria Trembly

Their final 24 points came in the final period of the game.

Kaleb Gleim led the Rams defensively with 21 total tackles, Trembly had 16.

The Rams are 2-1 overall, and 1-1 in conference play with Eden-Farson coming to the High Country next Friday at 2 p.m. for another West Conference contest.


Passing: Ryan Wells 3-6 59, Wyatt Trembly 2-2 53, Clayton Rux 1-2 25, Total 6-10 137

Rushing: Wyatt Trembly 30-354, Kaleb Gleim 1-(-6), Zander Hawkins 1-2, Jonah Oard 13-51. Totals 45-401

Receiving: Ryan Wells 3-78, Jonah Oard 1-3, Clayton Rux 2-28, Total 6-137


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