Rampant sign vandalism in Fremont County starting to add up

(Fremont County, WY) – One of the subjects discussed today, April 6, at the Fremont County Commissioners meeting was the ongoing vandalism of signage throughout the county.

According to Billy Meeks, the Transportation Superintendent for the Fremont County Transportation Department, there have been between “50 to 60 signs vandalized just in the past 90 days.”

The vandalism ranges from “signs being painted over, outright theft, and even some wooden signs being cut down with chainsaws.”


Meeks stated that the average price of road signs is between $40-50, not including hardware, fuel, manpower, and location of the sign. With those factors included, sign replacement can cost “up to $300.”

With 40-50 signs being damaged in the past 3 months, at potentially $300 per sign, it’s starting to add up.

“The noticeable uptick in vandalism started around a year ago when COVID started. People are bored, but I think taxpayers might want to know, it’s costing them,” Meeks said.

At this point it is unknown who is responsible for the sign damage and theft, with no leads.

Any information that could identify the vandals should be fielded to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, at (307) 857-3671.


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