Proposed Lander zoning code changes moves to second reading

Last night, Lander’s City Council and Planning Commission held the first public hearing for Ordinance 1236 – Amending Title 4 – Zoning of the City Code Book. It’s important to note that Ordinances are required to pass three readings before being enacted. The public comment period for this is open until 5:00 pm on July 24th and should be emailed to [email protected].

A few highlight items that the proposed changes could help address include: the high cost of living in Lander, the quality of current housing, and the limited housing options. The Ordinance has gone through a few updates and clarifications since the public hearing was announced in mid-May. The latest draft updated before this first meeting can be read by clicking here, an outline of those updates provided by the City of Lander can be read here: You Talked, We Listened.

This public hearing was over two hours and included presentations from Cascadia Partners Senior Associate Jamin Kimmell and Community Builders Program Manager Bud Tymczyszyn. Both Bud and Jamin have been working with the City of Lander and Planning Commission to create these proposed changes. A breakdown of changes provided by the City of Lander can be viewed here: Lander Code Update Flyer


During the hearing, attendees had the opportunity to ask Bud and Jamin questions about their presentations for clarity on the proposed changes and impacts Lander could experience if passed. Several concerns were voiced ranging from parking to fire suppression, and first-time homebuyers to property values.

Following the hearing was the regular Lander City Council meeting where it was decided to move the Ordinance to the second reading, however, amendments were made and will continue to be made.

The following amendments are the latest from the Council:

4-11-14.1 (table) adjusting setbacks on cottage clusters from 6′ to 10′ unless they have fire suppression


4-12-2 d (R-1) and 4-12-3 d (R-2) to change “Permitted Accessory Uses” (ii) Accessory dwelling units, subject to the provisions of section 4-11-15. Permitted Accessory Uses. changed to “allowed if approved via a public hearing process”

City Council plans to take this into a work session and continue to work through the details. There will be opportunities to comment on the proposed zoning code changes at the Regular Council meetings on August 11th and September 8th.


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