Primary election is in 14 days, do you have all the info needed to vote?

With the primary election just around the corner, voter information has been provided to you by the League of Women Voters of Fremont County.

Primary election registration ended on August 3rd. However, same-day registration and voting is still an option from now through Monday, August 17th, at the Fremont County Elections Office in Lander. You can also register and vote on Election Day, August 18th, at the Vote Center.


Absentee voting should be sent in by August 17th, while in-person voting is on August 18 located at your nearest voting center.

Primary elections in Wyoming are “closed,” meaning only voters registered by party may vote in that party’s primary election.

The polls are open from 7 am – 7 pm. To see if you are already eligible to vote call the Fremont County Clerk’s Office at 307-332-1088 or 307-332-1089.

Click here to view the full Voter Information Guide provided by the LWVFC in partnership with Anne Austin Design.

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