Porter’s has what you need to make mom smile – Moms be grillin’ too!

    Don’t let the thought of grilling gear and accessories slip your mind when brainstorming gift ideas for the lovely moms in your life. This interest isn’t just reserved for the men out there. Whether it’s a sizzling grill, some top-notch gear, or some tasty proteins to cook up, these gifts are absolutely perfect for the mom who can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet grillin’. So fire up the barbecue and get to gifting this Mother’s Day!

    Porter’s Mountain View Supply is the perfect one-stop shop for all things grilling. You will find a variety of grills, tons of accessories, and lots of sauces and seasonings to make that BBQ even tastier.

    If your mom is still using the same old, rusty grill she’s had for years, it may be time for an upgrade. There are a ton of great grills on the market, ranging from affordable charcoal grills to high-end gas grills with all the bells and whistles. Think about your mom’s grilling habits and preferences when choosing a grill – does she like to cook for a crowd, or just for a few people? Does she prefer the simplicity of charcoal grilling or the convenience of gas? No matter what you choose, a new grill will make your mom’s day.

    Of course, a grill is just the beginning. There are plenty of grilling accessories and tools that make great gifts for moms who love to cook outdoors. A set of grilling tools – including tongs, spatulas, and a grill brush – is a must-have for any grill master. You could also consider a meat thermometer to help your mom cook her meats to perfection every time. And don’t forget about the apron! A cute and functional apron will keep your mom’s clothes clean while she’s cooking up a storm.

    Last, but not least, consider giving your mom some high-quality meats to grill. Whether she loves steak, chicken, or fish, a selection of premium meats will allow her to show off her grilling skills and enjoy a delicious meal. Look for meats that are fresh, locally sourced, and of the highest quality. Try a beef bundle from Genuine Meats. They provide the finest cuts to your kitchen, from livestock raised in the Cowboy State. Your mom deserves the best!

    This Mother’s Day, skip the flowers and chocolate and give your mom a gift that will truly make her day. Happy grilling!

    Don’t forget to enter the Porter’s BBQ Battle. You can win some fabulous prizes by simply posting a photo of your grilling amazingness.

    First place wins you a shiny new “Spirit II E210” Weber gas grill from Porters.
    Second place wins a 50lb grilling meat box from Genuine Meats.

    All you have to do is snap a picture, upload it to Facebook (make sure your post is set to public) with the hashtag #whatsgrillin, and be sure to tag Porter’s Mountain View Supply in the post. Simply grill and snap!

    Be watching Porter’s Facebook page for updates each week and of course to scope out the competition. And don’t forget to be on the lookout for some fun giveaways!

    Mark your calendar!

    June 17th, 2023
    Get ready for the party of the summer! On June 17th from Noon to 3:00 pm in Porter’s parking lot, we’re having a huge Father’s Day celebration. This will include fun for the kids with games, a bouncy house and face painting, FREE FOOD, a “Grilled” BBQ Challenge featuring local talent, and the 2nd annual Dad Olympics. Be on the lookout for more details and prepare for a smokin’ Father’s Day weekend!

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